updated 09.13.20
Hi, my name is Jeremy Pettis, AKA "The Strawberry Man." Thank you for visiting my personal website. Lately I've been pretty busy drawing people as strawberries. There are quite a few requests, so for those of you out there who find yourselves impatient, I thought I'd provide you with some resources to entertain yourself in the meantime. Most often I post my artwork to Instagram & Tumblr. If you are hoping to purchase some artwork, feel free to e-mail me. Please try to refrain from flooding my work e-mail with #strawberryselfie requests. If you'd like one, tip me below or dm me on Instagram.

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Are you sick of waiting for your #strawberryselfie?? Send me a tip and I will bump you to the front of the #strawberryselfie wait list. Just be sure to include your contact information. As someone trying to survive and support themself in a weird capitalist society, your contribution moves me one step closer to the dream of being able to dedicate ALL of my freetime to drawing strawberry selfies forever.


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